Terms and Conditions Gift Voucher

Terms and conditions gift voucher


In addition to our General Terms and Conditions for Internet Sales, these gift voucher conditions apply to all digital gift certificates issued by Topthrowing (hereinafter referred to as: gift voçuchers) that are sold by TopThrowing and third parties designated by TopThrowing. If these conditions are inconsistent with the terms and conditions for Internet sales of TopThrowing, the gift voçuchers conditions prevail when it comes to using the TopThrowing's gift voucher. By purchasing and/or using a TopThrowing gift voucher you accept these gift voucher conditions and you undertake to comply with them. Articles 1 to 6 of these conditions apply to the purchase and use of a gift voucher by a private customer (ie a natural person not acting in the course of a profession or business).

Article 1. Purchase and use

1.a. Purchase A gift voucher can be purchased for a minimum value of € 5,00  and a maximum value of € 1.000,00.

A gift voucher can be purchased by a private customer via www.TopThrowing.com. A gift voucher cannot be purchased through another gift voucher. Payment for online orders via www.TopThrowing.com is made through the payment methods available on the TopThrowing website. In case of purchase of a digital gift voucher, a digital activated gift voucher will be sent to the specified e-mail address after payment. During the ordering process, the customer can indicate when and to which e-mail address the gift voucher should be sent. Sending the PIN/Internet code to the customer in this case is considered as delivery of the gift voucher to the customer.

To use a gift voucher online you must place the products you have selected in the "shopping cart". During the payment process, select "gift voucher" as the payment method and enter the PIN code. Gift vouchers are not subject to VAT and are therefore exclusive of VAT.

TopThrowing reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order at any time and not to deliver the ordered gift vouchers.

1.b. Theft or loss

Each gift voucher is provided with a unique card number and pin / internet code. Each gift voucher is only issued once. You must keep the gift voucher (including the internet code) carefully. No compensation will be paid in the event of theft (including the use by unauthorized third parties of the code) or loss (including the (accidental) deletion of emails). In the event of theft or loss of the PIN/Internet code, the gift voucher can be blocked using the number.

This must be reported via contact@topthrowing.com. TopThrowing is not obliged to reimburse the (residual) value of the gift voucher. Only original gift vouchers and codes can be used and should be provided to TopThrowing upon request. TopThrowing reserves the right to accept a gift voucher only upon receipt of the e-mail sent to you by TopThrowing or a third party designated by TopThrowing, in which the code is included and, in case of improper use, to still pay in cash to desire.

1.c. Validity

Each gift voucher is valid for a period of one year after the activation date. The gift voucher cannot be used after the expiry date. The validity can also not be extended. If you do not use the gift voucher within a year, the value expires. Gift certificates issued by TopThrowing and/or third parties designated by TopThrowing can only be exchanged for purchases made online via www.TopThrowing.com.

1.d. Residual value

Gift vouchers or their residual value cannot be exchanged for cash. The residual value of the gift voucher can be used for subsequent orders. This value is visible in the user's account at www.TopThrowing.com. The residual value is not transferable and can only be used from the same account where the first use of the gift voucher took place and only during the period of validity of the gift voucher.

1.e. Supplement with other payment method If the total amount of the order is higher than the value of the gift voucher(s) used, the difference must be paid with one of the other available payment methods.

1.f. Restitution The gift voucher itself has no right of withdrawal. If a product - which has been purchased with a gift voucher - is returned, the amount spent for this will only be refunded in the form of a gift voucher. In the event that TopThrowing proceeds to refund the invoice value and the product has been (partially) paid with a gift voucher, a refund will be made by increasing the gift voucher balance in your account by the amount paid with the gift voucher. You will receive a new gift voucher. If the payment is completed with another payment method, the refund for this part will use the same payment method as the payment method, unless the consumer agrees to another method.

Article 2. Prohibited actions

2.1. It is not allowed to change, forge, undermine or otherwise affect gift vouchers or their functioning (including hacking).

2.2. Every (attempted) fraud or other unauthorized action is registered and results in the use of gift vouchers being denied.

2.3. It is not allowed to use gift vouchers - in any way whatsoever - for commercial purposes and / or other purposes than for which they were issued, unless parties have agreed otherwise in writing.

Article 3. Modification of the gift voucher conditions

These gift voucher terms may change from time to time. We recommend that you consult the gift voucher conditions each time before using a gift voucher. If you continue to use gift vouchers after the changes have taken effect, you thereby accept the changed gift voucher conditions.

Article 4. Contact

Do you have questions or comments about the use of the gift vouchers or are you having problems redeeming the gift vouchers? Please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us at contact@topthrowing.com.

Article 5. Property right

TopThrowing retains full ownership of the gift vouchers until full payment of the gift vouchers has been made by the customer. The risks are transferred upon delivery or digital activation of the gift vouchers. TopThrowing is not liable if the customer provides incorrect information, as a result of which the delivery of the gift vouchers does not take place, or is not done on time or properly.

TopThrowing is not liable in case of theft or loss of the gift vouchers after delivery of the gift vouchers to the customer. In the event of theft or loss, the gift voucher will be blocked using the card number and the value of the gift voucher will be removed. There is no refund of the value of the gift voucher.

Article 6. Applicable law and competent court

Only French law applies to agreements between TopThrowing and the customer to which these conditions apply. If disputes arise from the agreement that cannot be settled amicably, they will be submitted to the competent court of the district where TopThrowing is located. TopThrowing and the customer can agree to settle their disputes through binding advice or arbitration.

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