About Us

With 35 years of experience in throwing and coaching we are able to advise our clients about the best products on the market.

Our philosophy is that no matter at what level you perform, you should always be able to use the best products.

In that context, we support and follow young (para) athletes who are at the start of their sporting career and still have to be discovered by the world, the athletes who are already at the top and who are preparing for the Olympic Games and World
Championships and Masters who compete at international level.

But we also value the athletes who simply have fun in practicing sports and exercise in a club association.

With the wide choice of discuses, shot-puts, hammers, starting blocks, hurdles and other athletic equipment, we can supply every athlete equipment that suits them best.

Not only for the individual athlete, but also for clubs, federations, schools, retail and wholesale.

If desired, we can tailor equipment on request.